Watch this introduction video to understand what exactly you'll be learning in this New Agent Bootcamp.

FFL Inspire Group's Agency Owner:

Marissa Mazziotti

Marissa Mazziotti started her career at FFL in June of 2020. She was previously working in medical transportation and bartending on the weekends. She first heard about the outrageous opportunity at FFL and thought it was too good to be true. She decided to learn more about what we do and instantly wanted all in. 6 short months after she started, her and her team of 7 agents helped over 100 families in January of 2021 and FFL Inspire Group was established.

Her team is now at over 200 agents and helped over 15,000 families in 2022. Marissa is dedicated to making an impact on lives all over the country. Whether that means helping them get life insurance coverage or brining them onto the team, she's always there to make a positive impact.

New Agent Bootcamp

This new agent bootcamp was brought to you by Tobe Oraegbu & Marissa Mazziotti. These two hard working individuals are constantly thinking of ways to help their teams learn and grow their businesses. This bootcamp is a way to compile everything new agents need to know in order to confidently start protecting families.

Tobe is a first year Hall of Fame producer, which means he personally helped over 400 families his first year with FFL. He learned this business inside and out and feels it's only right to share that knowledge with new agents.

Marissa hit the ground running once she started with FFL and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. She partnered with Tobe on this project because she believes that the information new agents will learn in this course is crucial to their career at FFL.

FFL International Empire's Agency Owner:

Tobechukwu Oraegbu

Tobe started with FFL in March of 2021. He was working for another insurance company for 2 years. When he first heard of FFL he, like many others, couldn't believe the claims they were making were real and decided to investigate for himself! Since then, Tobe has hit Hall of Fame (personally protected 400 families in 1 calendar year) twice!

Tobe has also proven to be an exceptional leader at FFL. He has grown his agency to 100+ agents and helped over 6,100 families in 2022! His agency, FFL International Empire is just the beginning. Tobe is focused on building the biggest team with the hardest working people in the insurance industry.

FFL International Empire